Mahakavi Edasseri Smaraka Trust
Thrissur 680 011

E.Satish Narayanan E.Harikumar E.Girija
E.Madhavan Dr.E.Divakaran E.AsokaKumar E.Usha

E. Unnikrishnan

Family members of Edasseri have been supporting the various initiatives of the Edasseri Smaraka Samithy since its inception in 1979. In order to ensure that the support from Edasseri family continues on an enduring basis beyond the present generation, a trust was established on March 24, 2014 with Edasseri's sons and daughters as trustees. Ultimate aim of the Mahakavi Edasseri Smaraka Trust, is the progress of Malayalam as a versatile language. For this purpose it would facilitate the study and appreciation of Edasseri - one of the poets who significantly contributed to the evolution of new literary sensibilities in Malayalam.Trust will encourage artists to use various art forms to communicate and popularise the literary legacy that Edasseri has left. It would make intensive use of the website and other internet applications to enlarge the reach and ease of access for the youth. The trust seeks the advice of a panel of trustees to take the activities forward in the right direction.

E. Satish Narayanan, E. Harikumar (Managing Trustee), E. Girija Radhakrishnan, Prasanna Unnikrishnan, E. Madhavan, Dr. E. Divakaran, E. Asok Kumar and E. Usha Raghupathy.

Advisory Panel
Mahakavi Akkitham, Prof. K.P. sankaran, Prof M. Thomas Mathew, Prof. K.V. Ramakrishnan, Dr.P.V. Krishnan Nair

Activites of the Trust
Jointly with the Edasseri Smaraka Samithy, the Trust gives out Edasseri Puraskaram annually, an award to the author of the best literary work created during the preceding three years as adjudged by the selection committee. There were occasions when the award had to be shared. The Award comprises of a cash component of Rs.25,000/- and a plaque bearing a commendatory message with the picture of Edasseri engraved. Trust is taking care of the establishment and updation of the website dedicated to the great poet.

A project has been taken up by the trust to cleanse Edasseri's published books of the printing mistakes which had crept in. Efforts are also underway to get explanatoy notes on poems prepared by experts.

As a means of facilitating appreciation of Edasseri poems with easy access, especially to those who are new to Edasseri's poetry, Trust has arranged for recording of selected poems recited in a pleasing manner by talented youth. Trust has followed the path shown by Shri E. Harikumar who way back in the year 1985 released an audio cassette of recital of the famous poem "Poothappattu" by V.K. Sasidharan.The quality of recital and music captivated the hearts of Malayalees. A few other famous poems were also brought out as recorded recitals in two cassettes. In 2014 the trust released a CD contaning recital of 21 poems. his was followed by recording of the rendering of the poem "Lavanasuravadhathile Hanuman" in the form of Kathakali music by famous Kathakali musician Palanad Divakaran.

Trust took initiative to set up Edasseri Museum inside Easseri Sahithya Mandiram at Ponani. Several vistors to Ponani make it a point to pay a visit to the place and pay homage to the memoryof the poet.

How to contact:

Office: Mahakavi Edasseri Smaraka Trust, Kumkumam, Kanattulara, Thrissur 680 011.
Phone: E. Madhavan (9605002525), E. Divakaran (9447308707), E. Asoka Kumar (8281195300)
Edasseri Museum : Jison P Jose (994669870), P.K. Sadanandan (9744199705), E. Madhavan (9605002525)