Mahakavi Akkitham delivering the presidential speech at the inaugural session

A three day National Seminar on 
Edasseri Govindan Nair
on the Birth Centenary Celebration of the Poet
conducted by Sahitya Akademi and hosted by
Thunchan Smaraka Trust, Tirur and
Edasseri Smaraka Samithi
from 1 Wednesday to 3 Friday February 2006


Wednesday 1 2006
11 a.m.
Inaugural Session

     K. Sachidanandan
     Secy, Sahitya Akademi
Presidential Address: 
     Mahakavi Akkitham
Inaugural Address: 
     Indranath Choudhuri
Keynote Address: 
     Sukumar Azhikode
Vote of Thanks: 
     Agrahara Krishnamurthy
     Sahitya Akademi
12.30 p.m.
Session I: Indian Poetry -       
Time of Awakening

Chair: Balachandran 'Bala'
Papers: O.L.NagabhushanaSwamy
            Arun Kamal
            M.R. Raghava Varier
Thursday 2 2006
9.30 a.m.
Session II: Edasseri's Poetry
Chair: S.K. Vasanthan
Moderator: M. Rajanbabu
Paper: E.P. Rajagopalan
          Chathanat Achyuthanunni

Dr. Sukumar Azhikode delivering the keynote address

Ms. Prathibha Roy

Indranath Choudhuri delivering the Inaugural Speech

Vishnunarayanan Namboodiri speaking as the chairman of the Session on 'Edasseri's World View'

11.30 a.m.
Session III:  - Stylistic Aspect of Edasseri
Chair: Dr. C.P. Sivadasan
Moderator: P.K. Gopi
Papers: E.V. Ramakrishnan
            Anil Vallathol

2.00 p.m.
IV:  Edasseri's Poetry: Cultural Context
Chair: K.P. Sankaran
Moderator: Alankode Leelakrishnan
Papers: K.P. Mohanan
            B. Krishnakumar (Atmaraman)
            M. Gangadharan

4 p.m.
Session V: Edasserian Stage.
Chair: A. Achuthan
Moderator: C. Haridas
Papers: P.P. Ramachandran
            N. Sasidaran
7.00 p.m.
Session VI: Discussion and Performance of
                  Edasseri's play "Koottukrishi"

A detailed report on the Seminar will be on these pages shortly.... We regret Mr. M.T. Vasudevan Nair, Chairman, Thunchan Memorial Trust, who organized this elaborate National Seminar could not attend this function due to indisposition. We thank Mr. M.T. Vasudevan Nair and the Administrator Mr. K.P. Ramanunni for organizing the Seminar in a befitting manner. We thank the Sahitya Akademi, Delhi and the persons responsible especially Mr. K. Sachidanandan, Secretary and their Southern Regional Office in Chennai for sponsoring this Meet.

Friday 3 2006
9.30 a.m.
Session VII: Edasseri's World View
Chair: Vishnunarayanan Namboodiri
Moderator: P.K. Poker
Papers: Ambikasuthan Mangadu
            P. Pavitran
11.30 a.m
Session VIII: Edasseri's Prose
Chair: P.K. Gopi
Papers: K.C. Narayanan
            K.S. Ravikumar            
            M.N. Karassery
2.00 p.m.
Session IX: The Poet and the Person
     K.P. Ramanunni
     M.M. Narayanan
     Prof. K. Gopalakrishnan
     E. Harikumar

Prof. K.P. Sankaran delivering the chairman's speech on Session on 'Edasseri's Poetry - cultural Context' Dr. S.K. Vasanthan delivering the chairman's speech on Session on Edasseri's Poetry.
Dr.C.P. Sivadas, delivering the chairman's speech for the Session 'Stylistic Aspect of Edasseri Poems' K. Sachidanandan, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi welcoming the guests.
P. Krishnawarriyar delivering the chairman's speech on Session on 'Edasseri - The Poet and the Person.' K.C. Narayanan delivering the chairman's speech on Session on 'Edasseri's Prose.'


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