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handwriting and voice of edasseri - 10 minutes file to download


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edasseri awards since its inception in 1982 - year-wise  list in english


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details of books by edasseri

artist t.k. padmini

pages featuring the life and paintings of artist t.k. padmini together with an article by edasseri


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edasseri centenary souvenir published in commemoration of the event in 2004


the plays of edasseri to download

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index of articles in centenary sourvenir published in 2004 together with links to download articles


short stories of edasseri to download

poem recital-new recital of edasseri poems by children in the mambazham program of kairali tv  
  essays of edasseri

essays by edasseri and personal essays by others on edasseri

poothappat kathakali

the poem poothappat as a performance in kathakali by prof. kalamandalam c.m. bala subrahmanian, sasikala and party


essays, studiesand reviews on edasseri literature

poems on edasseri

book of poems written on edasseri by various eminent poets of three generations

  edasseri awards edasseri awards since its inception in 1982 - year-wise  list orthiccreativecenter painting on edasseri poem 'ambadiyilekku veendum' by edasseri  
  poem recital

recital of edasseri poems by v.k.sasidharan, dr.s.p.ramesh, mangot krishnakumar and ajitha

p.krishnawarriyar obituary to p. krishnawarriyar, who was the secretary of the samithi for 20 years  

translation of 4 poems of edasseri into english by dr.ayyappa panikkar, madhavan ayyappath and t.k.r.marar

e.raman master obituary to e. raman master, who was the jt. secretary of the samithi for over 20 years  

edasseri smaraka samithi committee

p.m.pallippat obituary to p.m. pallippat, an active member of ponani kalari who was also an active member of the samithi  
  poothappat story

poothappat story in english with sketches by artist namboodiri

madhavan pottekkat obituary to madhavan pottekkat, who was the jt. secretary of the samithi  
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