A three day National Seminar on 
Edasseri Govindan Nair
on the Birth Centenary Celebration of the Poet
conducted by Sahitya Akademi and hosted by
Thunchan Smaraka Trust, Tirur and
Edasseri Smaraka Samithi
from 1 Wednesday to 3 Friday February 2006

K.P. Ramanunni, M.M. Narayanan, P. Krishnawarriyar and Prof. K. Gopalakrishnan on the stage.

E.V. Ramakrishnan presenting paper on Stylistic Aspect of Edasseri's Poetry. PP Ramachandran presenting paper on 'Edasserian Stage.'
E.P. Rajagopalan presenting paper on Narrative Art in Edasseri Poetry. Ambikasudhan Mangad presenting paper on 'Edasseri's World View.'
Anil Vallathol presenting paper on Edasseri's Poetic Imagery. Sara Joseph presenting paper on 'Men and Women in Edasseri Poems'.
Viju Nayarangadi welcoming guests on the 3rd day of Seminar. K.P. Ramanunni, moderator of the Session 'Edasseri - the Poet and the Person.
Alankode Leelakrishnan, moderator in Session on 'Edasseri's Poetry - Cultural Context.'
P.K. Poker, moderator in Session on 'Edasseri's World View.' E. Madhavan giving an evaluation of the Edasseri Seminar on the final day.
P.K. Gopi welcoming the guests. Radhakani Ayankalath welcoming guests in Session on 'Edasseri Poetry - Cultural Context.'
E. Harikumar presenting paper on Edasseri - the Poet and the Person.  

The Edasseri Centenary Celebrations, which started at Ponani on 23-24 December 2005 continued at Thrissur with discussion on Edasseri literature and the releasing of the book titled 'Edasseriyude Kavyabimbangal' (The Poetic Imageries of Edasseri)by Dr. K.P. Mohanan on 12th January 2006 at the P. Sankaran Nambiar Foundation, Kerala Varma College. Please visit the page at centenary celebrations

In a function organised by Orthic Creative Center, Ernakulam, a painting by C.N. Karunakaran based on Edasseri's poem Ambadiyilekku Veendum was released. The function was organised by Artist T. Kaladharan and the painting was commissioned by Mangot Krishnakumar. Please visit the page orthiccreativecenter.htm

Avishkara, Palakkad - visual performance of Edasseri's Poem ' Poothapattu.'
V.K. Sasidharan reciting Edasseri's Poem ' Poothapattu.' M. Krishnakumar reciting Edasseri Poems, 'Ambadiyilekku Veendum', 'Vidhi Ezhuthumbol,' etc.
Avishkara, Palakkad - another scene from the visual presentation of Edasseri's Poem 'Poothapattu.'
Procession with the ceremonial umbrella, thalam and traditional lamp at the inaugural function.
Performing Edasseri's play 'Koottukrishi' on the stage. Direction: Naripatta Raju.

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